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People of the Stone

posted Oct 29, 2016, 12:25 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Dec 9, 2016, 6:13 PM ]

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On an early summer morning, Jason Darien is awakened by the persistent barking of his neighbor's dog. He is irritated but unaware of the danger lurking just outside his door. Later that morning he receives a mysterious message that sets a series of events in motion. His whole world is about to change as he learns that things are not what they seem to be - neither is he. Jason is thrown into a mysterious world of secret orders and ancient techniques he never even knew existed. Now he must master the surprising skills that he was born with as he races to help his friends to preserve an ancient knowledge and protect it from being used as a tool to take over the world.

Young adult, fiction, fantasy. 

Don't have a Kindle, no worries... you can read it on any device. There is a free Kindle app that you can find at any of these app stores: Apple, Android, Windows, and Amazon. 

Mitt Cafe tried it on an old Samsung phone and it worked without any problems. 

People of the Stone: Second Wave by Ben Svensson. 
Now at for only $2.99

Ocean X

posted Jun 15, 2012, 10:42 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Jun 15, 2012, 10:44 PM ]

In June 2011 the Swedish dive team, Ocean X, found a strange object on the ocean floor in the Baltic Sea between Sweden and Finland. What they found was something the team had never seen before. There are have been many different speculations about what it could be - everything from a UFO to a Russian space ship!
Ben Svensson
This from the Ocean Explorers home page:


" The Ocean X Team dove down to the circle-shaped object in the Baltic Sea and met something they never experienced before. First they thought it was just stone or a rock cliff, but after further observations the object appeared more as a huge mushroom, rising 3-4 meters/10-13 feet from the seabed, with rounded sides and rugged edges. The object had an egg shaped hole leading into it from the top, as an opening. On top of the object they also found strange stone circle formations, almost looking like small fireplaces. The stones were covered in something resembling soot.

During my 20-year diving career, including 6000 dives, I have never seen anything like this. Normally stones don’t burn. I can’t explain what we saw, and I went down there to answer questions, but I came up with even more questions " ,says Stefan Hogeborn, one of the divers at Ocean X Team.

Read more at their page:



posted Nov 19, 2011, 9:18 AM by JustBenke

We have all struggled with bicycle pumps, especially on the go. The good ones you use at home are too big to take with you, and the small, portable ones are a big a pain to use. Well, Pump Tire has solved this annoying tire pumping problem.


This from PumpTire:


PumpTire is commercializing the first self-pressurizing bicycle tire. Imagine taking your bicycle out of the garage and never having to fill up the tires or even check the pressure. Or imagine yourself being able to change your tire pressure on-the-fly with a simple adjustment from the handlebars. PumpTire is developing both of these systems. The self-inflating, self-adjusting technology is incorporated directly into the tire and is compatible with current rims, making it a simple addition to any bicycle.


YouTube Video

Rocket City Rednecks

posted Oct 22, 2011, 10:26 AM by JustBenke

We’ve all heard the stories and seen the crazy pictures of Rednecks, but have you ever heard of Redneck rocket engineers? I was drinking my morning coffee and browsing through my morning channels, when suddenly I stumbled across the Rocket City Rednecks. These Rednecks where building a “backwoods spy satellite,” with a fishing bucket, iPhone, weather balloon, and remote-controlled helicopter... What! I even forgot about my coffee for a while; these guys were fun! I just had to know more so I went out on the Internet and read up on 'em. This team of Rednecks have built a rocket-powerd bass boat, a hillbilly moon buggy, bomb proofed a Ford pick up, and so much more. This might be my new favorite show!

This from National Geographic:

Meet the self-proclaimed Rocket City Rednecks. They’re five “backwoods” guys from the rocket city: Huntsville, Alabama, home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the birthplace of the U.S. space program. Sure, they love to shoot stuff and drink beer, and one of ’em lives in a trailer, but with a family tree full of NASA rocket scientists (not to mention their own PhDs and advanced degrees), they aim a little higher—like using homemade moonshine to fuel a rocket! In each episode, we'll see how they apply redneck ingenuity with advanced engineering and physics to creatively solve real-world problems... and have a little fun, of course!

Moonshine Rocket Launch

Soda Bottle Light Bulb

posted Oct 14, 2011, 9:07 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Oct 14, 2011, 9:15 PM ]

Most of us take light for granted. If it is too dark, we just flip a switch and we are instantly bathing in light from many different light bulbs. But what do you do if you do not have electricity or light bulbs? In a house without windows and electricity you depend on candles or go without light…or you find another way. A friend of mine showed me this awesome video where one man is helping people use plastic soda bottles filled with water and bleach as solar light bulbs. Check it out…you just gotta love it!

A Liter of Light


Strong Stronger Strongest

posted Oct 12, 2011, 9:52 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Oct 13, 2011, 5:59 AM ]

I have seen many strongman competitions and been awed by the weights these men can lift, push, and pull. But, if we take a look at the animal kingdom…even those strongmen look kind of weak. 
A grizzly can lift 1,200 pounds which is 80% of their bodyweight.
The elephant weighs in around 12,000 pounds and can carry 20,000 pounds, not bad!
A tiger can climb a tree with a cow in its mouth and some eagles can lift up till 4 times their own bodyweight during  flight 
The mighty Gorilla can lift up to 10 times its own body weight; we are talking about 4,600 pounds!
But it is not until we start to check the small fellows out that it gets crazy! A Leafcutter Ant can lift 50 times its own body weight and the old world champion, the Rhinoceros Beetle, can lift something 850 times its own weight. But there is a  new world champion.
According to Scientific American, the Onthophagus Taurus (Dung Beetle) can pull something 1,140 times its own body weight.
The National Center for Health Statistics says the average weight for an adult male in the United States is: 189.9 pounds. So, if that man would be as strong as the Dung Beetle, he could pull 216,486 pounds!

48 MTI Corvette Boat ZR48

posted Oct 5, 2011, 10:07 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Oct 8, 2011, 9:56 PM ]

Make:    MTI ZR48

Power:  2x1350 Mercury

Length: 48’

Year: 2012


This beauty is constructed of carbon fiber and themed after a ZR1 Corvette.

If the 2700hp is not enough, you can always let the 8000w sound system blow your ears off.
Oh, did I forgett to tell you about the price tag: $1 700 000 (trailer included). This one is going on my Christmas list!


posted Oct 3, 2011, 9:49 PM by JustBenke

With a weight of 110 kilograms and with 13bhp, it tops at 50mph. I would not call it a bicycle, nor would I call it a motorcycle, so "what "is it? An electrical pedal-assist bicycle, an eROCKIT.



posted Sep 29, 2011, 8:55 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Oct 1, 2011, 12:44 PM ]

2009 l’Hydroptère broke the world record, sustaining a speed of 51.36 knots for 500 meters in 30 knot winds. That’s 59 mph or 95km/h, awsome!



Wingsuit Flyer, Jeb Corliss

posted Feb 19, 2011, 3:06 PM by JustBenke   [ updated Sep 27, 2011, 5:00 PM ]

Jeb Corliss was born 1976 and is a professional base jumper, skydiver, and wingsuit flyer. Jeb Corliss fits without any problem in my "What!" list. If you have not seen any videos with Jeb yet, just wait...after you see this one, I think you will understand "what" I am talking about.

Jeb Corliss flies through mountain cave

Jeb Corliss

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