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Devilish Deviled Eggs

posted Oct 29, 2016, 11:51 AM by JustBenke

Last weekend my daughter and I made some really devilish deviled eggs that turned out pretty cute. 

Here is how we did them:

Cut of the bottoms off of your peeled hard boiled eggs so that you can reach the egg yolk. 
Carefully remove the egg yolk and place in a bowl for your filling.
Make your favorite deviled egg filling (my wife made mine). 
Fill the eggs and place them on a serving plate.
Take a red bell pepper and cut out small squares for eyes and pokey devil horns. 
Poke two holes for the eyes and push in the red pepper squares.
Make two cuts with a sharp knife on top of the eggs where you want to place you devil horns. "Tahdaah!" Your little deviled eggs are done!

To do the egg mummies:

Use an egg slicer to slice the eggs. 
Remove the yolk
Make up your mind where you want to place the mummies cause you don't want to move these mummies around too much due to how they are built. 
Place the egg white rings on top of each other (slightly off center) and when you have placed three fourths of them fill the mummy with deviled egg filling and then place the last quarter of the egg white rings on top like a hat. Take two red pepper squares and poke them in as eyes and your deviled egg mummy is ready to be shown and devoured. 


Peeled hard boiled eggs
1 red bell pepper
Deviled egg filling. There are a ton of yummy recipes it out there. Make sure your filling is not too thin or your little mummies and devils will slide.


Tooth pick
Sharp knife.